Egyptian communication 10


  The new water resources development are difficult in Egypt. The water control system without the waste by the farmer is necessary now. Then they came to study the water control system of the Land Improvement District in Japan, as the good case of the management of water. In the picture, they are asking underdrainage etc.

Briefing session at Akita Pref. Gov. office

Explanation about the drainage system in Ougata village (reclaimed land)

Explanation about the procedure of paddy field consolidation at Senbokuheiya Land Implovement office (Pref. Office).

Explanation about irrigation management at Senbokuheiya Land Implovement District.


 The automatic keeping water level facility without energy. We couldn't show you this. But I think this is useful for Egypt, because more advanced utilization of the water resources is needed in Egypt.
 The inventor is Mr. Miura who explained paddy field consolidation at fields. He is left side of the left picture.