English edition/About the contents of the homepage

This homepage was established for the purpose of having understanding to Akita's agriculture farm village deepened to everyone of the general consumer, the people.

In the background that Akita is called "the country of the rice" "the country of the liquor" "a beauty's country" "Magokoro, Akita" ・・・ and so on.

The history of the distress that the wood of the life which makes the wood of the beech the beginning, water and predecessors engraved it on the water and the soil, and the joy.

The mountain village culture symbolized in the agriculture which many mysteries were kept secret in, and the culture of the hunting.

The various rich food ・ food culture which it made the most of the climate of the north country for.

Then, there is a beautiful rural landscape ・・・ and so on formed historically.

True nature can be transmitted very much with the general information nowhere to have the huge theme understood.

Covering is piled up with the thorough materials collection which lasts the cooperation of 69 cities and the related group and several months in the prefecture.

In each field, with having the cooperation of the photograph Family who keeps taking a picture of the work as a life work, too

I want to approach the face without makeup of "home Akita of the beautiful water" around the precious photograph which what it usually sees isn't made in, and the materials.

An agriculture farm village produces the food which it isn't made that it lacks it for the human being in.

The rural landscape said as the water, the green preservation and Hara scenery of the Japanese heart

It has many functions that the folk culture of the farm village, the cultivation of sentiments function are many-sided.

The rich photograph selected carefully, and materials are thought to want to transmit it from this as well with adding information as simply as possible concretely in the place with reconsidering these and discovering it again.

As for the agriculture farm village repair business.

In such cases as the nature done like this, and a climate, history, life ・ folk culture, the rural landscape

With reconsidering the legacy which Akita having and making the most of them to the full, the future of the agriculture farm village of the 21st century, to open it

The life environment of the farm village advances the base-making to enrich everyone who of course lives in the city, and interchange synthetically from the agriculture production.

Moreover, the theme of "The thing of the city and the farm village is live." which is new by 21 centuries is stated.

I want to provide useful information to everyone as well who hopes for everyone that it wants to try to visit Akita's farm village, and the U・I turn of wanting to do agriculture newly, the country life.