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Photograph collection
"the memory of Oogata"

Web Magazine AKITA ONLINEから王冠マークをいただきました。
Nature and climate Food culture Home of the heart in AKITA
Nature and climate of country Akita of beauty
Primitive nature, Shirakami which remains
Hachimantai Plains, Waga, Moriyishi, Toriumi
Hometown IN Akita of heart
Record of the life culture of the field scenery, historic farm village that the photo artists of Akita recorded
Walks in Akita's village among the mountains. A noble hunter ・ Matagi The last falconry
Lofty subject/Matagi
Mystery of Matagi that lives the agriculture and hunting to the rule of the solemn religious commandments and Mother Nature as the occupation is gone after
The last falconer
Hawk hunting of the farmer that was born from the bad crop and starvation of a snow deep gorge
Change in the farm implement Poor crop and starvation/Learns in the history. Festival ・ folk culture
Changes of country Akita/farm implements of the rice
It approaches the history, culture of the agriculture farm village through the changes of the farm implement

This homepage opened that asks to deepen the understanding to the agriculture farm village of Akita to the people of a general consumer, the nations to the purpose.

Akita, is called "the country of the rice" "the country of the alcohol" "the country of the beauty" "Magokoro Akita" etc.
Culture of the village among the hills that the woods and water, predecessors of the life including the woods of the beech tree are symbolized to the culture of the agriculture and hunting that concealed the history, many mysteries of the distress and delight that cut in the water and soil in, the background

Furthermore there are the beautiful country view/ etc. that were formed historically furthermore, the various delicious food/food culture that made the most of the climate of subject popular writings -ization, northern countries such as the tradition event and festival that pray the safety within the occasion, the ten thousand years good harvests, houses at the time of the four seasons.

It is and is come, to ask to understand the huge theme and everywhere and also of the essence is unable to be conveyed very much in the information.
We are thinking that we want to approach the face without make-up of" that got bored "Gou of beautiful water centering around the precious photograph and data that can not see usually, while receiving even the cooperation of the photo artists that piles up the thorough data collection and coverage that reach in the cooperation and several months of the inside prefecture 69 cities,towns and village and also relation party and continue to shoot the work as the lifework in each field.

Besides the agriculture farm village produces the indispensable food to the human being it has many subject popular writings -ization, culture of sentiments function etc. multilateral functions of the village that were enclosed in the country view, farm village and mountain which are said to be the field scenery of the heart of the water and green security, Japanese.

We think that we want to go convey, while adding the information concretely as easily as possible, on the basis of the abundant photograph and data that we carefully selected even from this, while reviewing, discovering these.

We review the heritage that) calls (the abbreviation with a NN business the agriculture farm village upgrading business has that got bored such nature and climate, history, life/subject popular writings -ization, country view etc. and the living environment of the farm village goes upgrade such a base that deepens the interchange comprehensively with the people who live in the case, city, while making the most of them to the maximum, to open the future of the agriculture farm village in the 21st century the agriculture production from needless to say of.

Also, with the 21st century puts up the new theme that "the city and farm village live" and be thinking that we want to go offer the information that is useful even to the people who think that we want to try to visit the farm village of Akita and the people who hope the employment, U I turn, country life to the agriculture newly.

We would appreciate it very much if you would bring the opinion/impression readily, because we think that we want to be making the homepage that is useful more on the basis of the opinion/impressions of all of you.

意見・感想・・・メールImpression, opinion/ mail

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