@ It is connected to death if I mistake an one step, although the hunting is the occupation of Matagis. Yamagami faith and the religious commandments are said that they were born from necessity of the men that lives in a severe bleak mountain in winter. The reason that the Matagi is said to be the culture that has coexisted with nature, "the mountain is the place where the mountain god controls and bear is given and be because it has the thought of animism (nature worship) called the thing" mountain god from."Their life is that it was penetrated with thorough natural protection thought, that it was unexpected. Chie of the life who it fostered hereditarily an ancestor was able to see the collection that assembled while fighting with the severe nature of Ouu Mountains, into the Matagi customs that have judged the self with the prayer and taboo, without make the game the blessing of the mountain god and thank and excessively catching needlessly. Even the interest to their weasel that is said with the sole hunting race in Japanese Islands" did not run out ("last hunters" Osada Masahiko author, Mumeisya publication of preface from)
When the original copy is written in a fairly old era and Matagis span to what generation, after that and this scroll worshiped actually the copy, sunshine right the stamp pushed had it is conjectured that.
"As for the sunshine system, the sky unit sect, Kono sect show the relation with Esoteric Buddhism, high mountain Buddhism together on behalf of an incantation of a prayer sect. (Reason Narakannnosuke) that is the defense principal image of a Matagi mentally and became" the license of the feudal clan world border transgression from a peak to peak practically. Most of the scrolls that spread to Ani-machi are a sunshine system and are said to there are only a/the Kono sect 2,3 points.The photograph of the right be "the dried fish of Okoze" (the Mr. Matsuji Suzuki place warehouse). The mountain god is the god of a very ugly woman and large of and it comes and have it and come. he seems to be pleased it very much, that" there is an uglier thing than "the self when I show Okoze. Thereupon, old Sakari has the scroll and Okoze and entered into a mountain.@
Ratio stand within community of south of it is the object of worship of the mountain god that is to come off. It is the branch and leaf of Morobi (Oosirabiso) to have to the hand. I was believing that the devil is escaping, with the aroma like the incense stick that stands and go up, when a Matagi makes fire to Morobi.I run for hunting after I pay it this way, after I ran for the wedding ceremony even now.
The catch-up in snow. It is the point that spends "the Matagi word" that passes only on the colleague, to be mysterious in the world of a Matagi. the word that does not seem the code entirely is. "It is as there is whether or not" was the privacy of the shogunate and the person who the Matagi conjectures. "As for the mountain god the feeling is brave. I return to a sacred mountain when it becomes winter, although be the god of a field for summer and be getting off in the village.When it does it so a dirty village becomes at all disagreeable and be said to stop using the word of the village. ..Ceremony of Kebokai "the mountain are the place where the mountain god controls and bear is given and be believing that it is" a thing mountain god from. I shoot ceremony of Kebokai that Matagis do and be the important divine service to the bear of the game that captured it.
The head of the bear doing the left foot downward toward, the north it makes the blue direction. Next Sakari swings salt and voice and repeat the word the three times.
@The trip Matagi. The left map be the drawing where painted Aizu black Taniyama who, the ancestor of Mr. Matsuji Suzuki does and wrote the trip Matagi. Mount Asahi (1624 m), Mount Takakura (1576 m) etc. are rising, in a Tadami river tributary Kurotani River valley, in the mountainous area which touches to a Niigata prefectural border. It is the one that walks with the foot actually and wrote and the river and swamp, forests, rock place, steep high mountain etc. are painted carefully.The one that the person who took an active part from the Edo last stage through Meiji early period wrote. This map is the precious data that support that Ani matagi was going out to hunting from Edo period to, outside the prefecture every place.
Ani matagi was out the northeastern provinces to a trip to Niigata, Nagano, Gifu, Toyama, Nara area, in quest of the bear and serow until the prewar days needless to say.
The trip Matagi was a relations number of rooms person and reached an extent for 3 months from one month. When I arrive at the mountain of location I hunt and build the hut and come down in the nearest village every an extent on 10th, when food becomes poor. I supplied American, bean paste in exchange for the meat and heart of the game from farmhouse etc. The house where took the trouble of intending such a convenience was called "the Matagi stage". A left photograph dries it and the blood of the bear that makes the powder. I use it as a/the tonic. In Showa 7 76 house, men of the number of houses 84 doors are out to the peddling of the heart of the fur, bears of the bird and beasts to the farmers' leisure season according to the record of the root child community. It is as there is the person who the destination reaches 20 administrative division of Japan and went out to Saharinn of Sakhalin. It is said that Muranaka was being acquiring it by a Matagi. As for the elder who knows that time, stopped there being the man of Muranaka when "the old days become winter. It is said to have been about 10 people to remain in the village, although 5,60 Matagis were. the trip Matagi the place where there are few for location excellent hunters and there are many games chose. If everyone does the hunting in the local end where an arm boasted Matagi is concentrating it becomes excessive catch and the game stops being instantly and was the big reason that etc. go on to the trip.