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@ "Our country is a farming society from the old days and
After history on record, the custom of carnivorous is done when it is thin.
Our history on record previous ancestor
It is certain to have lived by a hunting and collection.

As the farming culture spreads the Matagi could remain only to "the mountain back that a hunting race" decreases gradually and cannot eat with only a field.
I think the that be said that that, became last is Ani matagi.

They hold so to speak a Matagi culture it is a special thing as it is strange.
When a farm village society and Matagi society are compared the particularity will become clear.
The leader of the farm village society is merit system persistently in the case of the Matagi, although he was limited by a wealthy landowner to recently very systematically.
Yamagami even the structure of faith becomes a center and be awfully ascetic in comparison with a farm village.
Although it is seen in the place where the depth of the collaboration with the mountains religion reaches
That is deepening mysterious nature still.

Religion nature, that was concealed to the exclusion nature, many taboos that are symbolized to the Matagi word still, rich Ouu Mountains of it being enclosed naturally upon their life,
Tradition from from old times that does not go beyond even somewhat from the law of nature,
Corresponding to the one that said that our yearning will overlap.

Make the falconer who make the Matagi, to finish coverage and feel strongly and
It is that the customs as the tradition hunter, will be lost from now on rapidly.
It, be not the advanced culture that grew up in the environment which was blessed
It is difficult to catch the actual condition, only to, a soil ill-smelling thing that was born out of the life of people.
However, is not it the few precious actual example that takes the trouble of teaching our ancestral heart in all of both?
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