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  To the Japanese people, a hot spring is synonymous with culture itself, and encompasses not only hot water but the air and space as well.
  Leave the daily grind for a time and settle yourself in nature. Marvel at the overflowing waters, experience the baths, let your heart be touched by the warm hospitality of the inns and the people you meet, and you will be glad that you came. 4. Museums 3. Hot Springs 2. Festivals 1. Nature 3. Hot Springs 3. Hot Springs
Akinomiya Hot Spring Resort (Yuzawa City)
   Akita’s oldest hot spring resort is known for its luxuriant natural surroundings and harmonious atmosphere. Inns thrive along the banks of the clean and pure Yakunai River.

Nyuto Hot Spring Resort (Senboku City)
   Deep in the highlands around Lake Tazawa, seven inns have sprung up around the hot springs gushing forth from the bosom of Mt. Nyuto. The plentiful waters have an enchanting, simple charm, and the hidden springs each boast their own special properties. The milky-white springs, particularly Tsuru-no-Yu, are popular throughout the country.

Kuroyu Hot Spring

Ganiba Hot Spring

Magoroku Hot Spring

Okama Hot Spring

Taenoyu Hot Spring

Lake Tazawa Highland Hot Spring Resort (Senboku City)
   These hot springs lie in the foothills of Akita’s Mt. Komagatake. They provide a place of leisure and a beautiful view of Lake Tazawa for those who come to Tazawako for mountain climbing and skiing.

Hachimantai Hot Spring Resort (Kazuno City)
   Located in Towada-Hachimantai National Park, these ten hot springs are surrounded by mountains. Each one resonates with the special elegance of the curative baths of ancient Japan.

Kawarage Hot-Water Falls
(Tazawa City)
   An unusual waterfall of natural hot water which comes forth from the mountain in multiple streams before combining to fall in this splendid twenty-meter waterfall. Many people gather from July to September, when the pool at the base is open to the public as an outdoor hot spring.

Oyasu Hot Springs (Yuzawa City)
   Daifunyu, the hot geyser gushing up from a beautiful valley between majestic cliffs, has become the symbol of these healing springs.

Oyu Hot Spring・Yuze Hot Spring (Kazuno City)
   Established 800 years ago and known as the Town of Hot Water for centuries, the Oyu hot spring is close to Lake Towada and boasts many old inns. The Yuze hot spring is known for its hot waters, which gush from the rushing Yoneshiro River. These waters are said to be very good for the skin.

Mizusawa Hot Springs (Senboku City)
   Plentiful lodgings, both Western-style and traditional Japanese bed-and-breakfast, are located near the Lake Tazawa Ski Resort. These hot springs are a favorite of those who come to the mountain to ski or harvest mountain plants.

Tamagawa Hot Spring (Senboku City)
   Number One in Japan for both water output and acidity. Many people from throughout the nation visit this spring for its medicinal effects. Only in Tamagawa can visitors visit a geothermally-heated natural sauna.

Oga Hot Spring Resort (Oga City)
   Located on the north of the Oga Peninsula, home of the Namahage, is a hot-spring town lined with hotels and Japanese inns. Visitors can enjoy the view of the Sea of Japan and taste Oga’s famous stone-cooking.