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Feel the Magic of Akita
  In Japanese, the word beauty (bi) often appears when one speaks of Akita.
  The beautiful and rich natural environment, including the World Heritage Shirakami Mountains. The native Akita Cedar, counted as one of Japan's Three Most Beautiful Trees (Birin). The delicious (written using the Chinese characters “beautiful taste” in Japanese) rice for which Akita, the Rice Bowl of Japan, has been famed since ancient times, and the widely beloved local rice wine Akita Bizake, brewed in plenty due to the abundance of fine rice and water.
  Nor is the term "beautiful" limited to Akita's natural resources alone. The lovely white-skinned women of Akita are famous throughout Japan as the Akita Beauties (bijin), with none other than the legendary beauty of the Heian era, Ono Komachi, first amongst them. In addition, the simple and gentle nature of the people of Akita could also be called one of their beautiful qualities. Links Antenna Shops How to Get to Akita Akita by Graph! Nine Rankings Location and Geography Illustrated Map of Akita