Emergency Situations and Telephone Numbers

火災になったら 119!

The first thing you should do in case of a fire is inform your family and neighbors by saying"kaji da!"(fire!).Everyone should calmly leave the premises as quick as possible.
*Yell"kaji da!"(fire) as loud as you can to inform your neighbors.
*At first,if the fire is in your house or apartment,try to put out the fire with whatever fire-fighting devices (fire extinguishers,etc.) you may find.If the fire reaches the celling you should move as quickly as you can to a safe place.

How to use a fire extinguisher
Pull out the safety pin,point the hose at the origin of the fire,firmly press the lever down and try to extinguish the flames.
Next,call the fire department,report the fire and ask for a fire truck.The fire department's emergency number is 119 on any phone.When you hear someone at the fire department say "kaji ka kyukyu"(fire or ambulance),say "kaji desu"and try to inform them as best you can of your address,your name,any identifying marks on your building and your phone number.It is a good idea to know this information in Japanese,in case of an emergency.

Information to tell the fire department:
kaji desu! *Your address * Your name * Identifying marks on your building
Phone number
(For making a 119 report from a public phone please refer to page 16.)


伝える事柄  「火事です。」 ●住所 ●名前 ●目印になる建物 ●電話番号

In Case of Sudden Illness or Injury Call 119!
急病・けが 119!

If you or someone around you becomes suddenly ill,or is involved in an injury causing accident,you should call an ambulance by dialing 119 and talking to the fire department.All ambulances are free,so don't hesitate to use them.

After you dial,listen for someone to ask "kaji ka kyukyu"(fire or ambulance),and say "kyukyu desu"(ambulance).Please inform the fire department person of the location or address to the best of your knowledge of the injured person or people,your name,the number of the telephone you are using and the condition of the sick or injured person (to the best of your ability).If possible,try to provide as much information as possible such as name,birthdate,nationality,blood type,occupation and type of insurance (refer to page 86).Also,it is best to prepare yourself for this type of emergency situation which you could be involved in by memorizing,or carrying with you,the above information in Japanese.

Information to tell the fire departmetn:
kyukyu desu
* kyubyo desu (suddenly ill person)
* jiko desu (There has been an accident.)
* the address of the injured person or location of the accident
* your name
* the number of the phone you are using
* the condition of the illness or injury
(birthdate,nationality,blood type,occupation,insurance type - if you can)

There is always someone on duty at large hospitals and medical treatment centers,so on a holiday,the ambulance will go directly to the hospital.



The Police Call 110!
警察 110!

If you are involved in a traffic accident,robbery,or case of injury,
contact the police.The direct phone number to the police department is 110.Dial 110 and tell them your name,address,telephone number and when,where,and what kind of incident occurred.

Calling from a Public Phone:

A.Green,yellow,and red phones which take \100

1.Pick up the reciver
2.Firmly press the red button which has plastic cover over it and after hearing the dial tone,dial 110.You don't need to use a telephone card or money

B.Red and pink phones which take \10
1.Ask the store person for a key,"kagi",to switch the phone
2.Insert a coin,dial 110 and after your call,your money will return



Information on Natural Disasters

(1)When things start to shake…

When you feel the shaking start,extinguish flames and turn off all gas valves to prevent a fire.Then crawl under a desk or other piece of strong furniture to protect yourself from falling objects.No matter how big the earthquake is the strongest shaking will be for less than a minute.If you see flames,try to extinguish them as quickly as possible.Be calm and don't run outside in a panic.Walk to the nearest shelter but don't use any elevators.Falling objects are very dangerous so try to stay away from cliffs,river banks,concrete walls and vending machines.People who live near the coast should be careful of tidal waves and take shelter on high ground.

(2)Things you can do to be ready for an earthquake
* Fix your furniture to the floor,make sure it is steady.
* Decide with your family where to take shelter in case of a large earthquake.

Make sure everyone understands where to go.
* Prepare an emergency situation kit:food,drinking water,flash light,radio,batteries,matches,rain gear and some cash.(This list is just an example.)




Information on Natural Disasters

The typhoon season in Japan lasts from July to October,with most typhoons hitting Japan in October.It is possible that typhoons will directly hit Akita Prefecture with strong winds and rain causing flooding and damage to farm crops and transportation services.When a typhoon hits,listen to the television and radio reports for important information.Depending on how close a typhoone comes,the power may go out,or it may become impossible for you to go outside.For these reasons you should prepare an emergency kit as mentioned above,and bring indoors,anything on your balcony or in your garden,that might fly around your residence.

Heavy Snow
In Akita Prefecture,as it becomes winter,cold winds blow in from the Sea of Japan causing the temperature to drop and the snow to fall. In recent years,the snowfall has been so heavy as to have been called a disaster.From December until March,the winter months,snow falls,and in some mountainous regions the snow piles up to over one meter in height.In Akita,winter driving often becomes difficult;the roads freeze and become very slippery,and traffic accidents increase.Please be very careful whenever you are moving about,be it by foot or by car.Please take necessary precautions against the cold winter.Depending upon where you live,you may have to clear a path out from your house through the snow every morning.The times and routes of snow removal services are all decided in advance,so please watch out for them.