Part III
Emergency Care
If you need to be seen by a doctor in the middle of the night,on a Sunday,or holiday when general reception at most clinics and hospitals are CLOSED,contact the Emergency Center (Kyukyu byoin nearest you),which is usually located inside a major hospital.
Unlike the medical systems in some western countries,hospitals in Japan provide off-hour emergency care for a wide range of illnesses,from the common cold to a head injuru.Don't hesitate in using them.Please refer to the map on page 27.

Emergency Care Centers are generally open Mon.-Fri.
6-11 PM and 10 AM-3PM,6-11PM on weekends.
Remember to bring your insurance card with you and money.Since the large hospitals are open 365 days a year and provide emergency care 24 hours-day.they are the best choice in the case of a serious emergency.
Generally,Emergency Care is classfied into the following levels.Examples of illnesses for each level are given below.

Level One:
Care for the common cold,(however,a high fever may indicate pneumonia or bronchitus,thus Level 2 care),scratches,sprains,upset stomach or pain.

Level Two:
Care for pneumonia,bone fractures,food poisoning,head injuries,animal bites,care after a car accident,etc.

Level Three:
High-Tech medical equipment available to deal with trauma and Intensive Care.


段階1 通常の風邪(但し、高熱は肺炎や気管支炎の兆候でもあるので、段階2の治療)、擦過傷、捻挫、胃の不調、または胃痛。
段階2 肺炎、骨折、食中毒、頭部損傷、動物による咬み傷等の治療、自動車事故等のアフターケアー。
段階3 ハイテク医療器具を使用して治療を行う外傷と、集中治療を要するもの。

Calling an Ambulance Dial 119.
Even if you can't speak Japanese,dial 119 and leave the phone off the hook.
Your call can then be traced.
Otherwise,say:“KyuKyu-sya o yobitai”or “Herupu”
“I want to call an ambulance”or“Help”
When calling an ambulance from a public phone(usually green),press the red emergency button at the bottom.No money or phone card is required to call.
A key (from the owner of the phone) is necessary to make emergency calls from pink phones.The ambulance service is free.

救急車の呼び出し ダイアル119番