Registration for Foreign Residents and Birth Registration

The official name for registration for foreign residents in Japan,as determined by the Ministry of Justice,is “Aline Registration”.Though this term may have an unpleasant sound,it is unfortunately still used in a legal sense in Japan and therefore,in order to avoid confusion,will be used in this guidebook.
Anyone staying in Japan for more than 90 days,children born in Japan,or anyone losing their Japanese citizen status,must officially register themselves (or their children) at the local city hall.About two weeks after you register at the city hall you will receive your Aline Registration Card.You must carry this card with you at all times.

(1) Initial Registration
◆For those 16 years of age or older:
Within 90 days of your landing in Japan,or within 60 days of losing your Japanese citizenship,you must register yourself.
◆For those under 16 years of age
The child's parents,legal guardian or agency must register the child.Also,within 30 days of turnning 16 years old,the actual person must apply with all the necessary documents.
Necessary Documents
(1) Application form for Certificate of Alien Registration
(can be found at your local government)
(2) Passport
(3) Two photos (3.5cm×4.5cm (passport size) those under 16 years do not need the photographs)
◆For newly born infants
A new born infant must be registred within 60 days of his/her birth.
Necessary documents
(1) Birth Certificate (2) Passport (if available)


(1) 新規登録
必要な書類 (1)外国人登録申請書(市町村役場にあります)(2)旅券
◆子供が生まれた場合 出生の日から60日以内に登録してください。
必要な書類 (1)出生証明書 (2)旅券(持っている場合)

(2) Re-application/Confirmation of Alien Registration Card
Foreign nationals who are 16 years and older must reapply or confirm the facts mentioned on the card within 30 days after each fifth birthday from the initial registration or previous confirmation.
Necessary Documents
(1) Application form for confirmation of retistration
(can be found at your local government)
(2) Alien Registration Card
(3) Passport
(4) Two photographs (3.5cm×4.5cm)
(3) Re-issuance of the Card in Case it has Been Damaged
In case your Alien Registration Card has been damaged,or your name,birthday,sex,nationality etc,is incorrect,please reapply for a new certicate at your local government office.
Necessary documents
-Same as application (above)


(4) Re-issuance in Case Your Card has Been Lost or Stolen
If your card gets lost or stolen,the incident must be reported to the police.
The police will issue you a report of your lost or stolen property.You must take this report with you and apply within 14 days of your card getting lost or stolen.
Necessary documents
(1) Application form for issuance of the Alien Registration Card
(2) Passport
(3) Two photographs (3.5cm×4.5cm)
(5) Reporting a Change of your Alien Registration
A change in your name,nationality,occupation,address or period of stay must be reported within 14 days of the day the change occurred at the municipality where you live.
Necessary documents
(1) Change of Registration Matters Application form
(2) Certificate of Alien Registration
(3) At least one authorized item as proof of the change.
(6) Notice of Birth
If a child is born to a foreigner in Japan and it's nationality is not Japanese,you must go through the following procedures:
You must submit a Report of Birth form to your local city,town or village government within 14 days of the birth date.
You need to send a Report of Birth to the embassy or consulate of the mother or father's nationality.They will make a passport for the child.
If the child will be in Japan for 60 days or longer,the parents must acquire a Status of Residence for the child within 30 days of its birth and register it as a foreigner within 60 days of the birth.
*If the mother and father have different nationalities,the birth must be reported to both countries.
*For further information,please contact your local government.

必要な書類 (1)外国人登録証明書交付申請書 (2)旅券 (3)写真2枚(横3.5cm×縦4.5cm)
必要な書類 (1)変更登録申請書 (2)外国人登録証明書 (3)変更が生じたことを証明する書類