(1) Extension of Period of Stay
Foreign residents who want to extend their Period of Stay in Japan can do so under the following conditions.Extensions are only given for sufficient reason as determined by the head of local immigration Bureau.Therefore,extensions can be denier for cases of unfavorable activities during study abroad,problems relating to conduct,and failure to meet expected performance standards.
The applicant can apply in person,or else a family member or a representative of an organization to which the applicant belongs may apply.Applications must be made from 2 months before(excluding short stay) the current visa expires at a local immigration Bureau.
The following documents are needed when applying:
Alien Registration Card (Gaikokujin Toroku Shomei Sho)
Documents which show that it is necessary for you to extend your visa.
I.D. Card

旅券 外国人登録証明書 申請書 在留期間の延長を必要とする理由書とこれを証明する書類
身元保証書 手数料 4,000円

(2) Re-entry Permit
If a foreigner leaves Japan during their stay,the permission given to stay up until that point becomes void.Therefore,if you travel abroad when staying in Japan and would like to return,it is necessary to receive a Re-entry Permit.If you fail to get a Re-entry Permit and leave Japan it will be very inconvenient to reapply for a new visa.
The Re-entry Permit is valid for up to three years (4 years in the case of those with Special Permanent Residence) or until your corrent visa expires,whichevwe come first. So it is necessary to return to Japan within that period of time.Also,the reason for staying in Japan must be the same before departing as it is after returning to Japan.It is possible to purchase a single or multiple re-entry permit.
You must go in person to apply:
Necessary Documents:
Alien Registration Card
Free:\3,000 (single re-entry) \6,000 (multiple re-entry)
Payments must be made in the form of a government issued seal,not cash.

To apply in Akiita Prefecture,inquire at the following location:
〒010-0976 Akita City yabaseminami 2-10-6 Akitaken JA bldg 7F
Sendai Immigration Bureau - Akita Port Office
TEL 018-895-5221
FAX 018-895-5223
Hours:Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM,closed Noon-1 PM for lunch
Closed Saturday,Sundays,& National Holidays

パスポート 外国人登録証明書 申請書 手数料 3,000円(1回限りの再入国許可の場合) 6,000円(数回の再入国許可の場合)
〒010-0976 秋田市八橋南2-10-16 仙台入国管理局秋田出張所
TEL 018-895-5221 FAX 018-895-5223

(3) Permission For Permanent Residence (Eiju Kyoka)
For foreign residents who would like to obtain Permanent Residency,it is necessary to file an application according to Immigration Bureau regulations.
General Conditions are as follows:
1.Maintain good conduct
2.Have financial resources or technical skills to maintain an independent livelihood.
3.Obtaining Japanese Permanent Residency will benefit Japan
4.There is not a specific time limit,but in general the applicant should have already resided in Japan for more than 5 years.However,in the case of marriage to a Japanese or when children are involved these regulations may be more flexible.
Documents necessary for application:
Prove that you meet conditions 1-3 above
Passport and Resident Status Document (Zairyu Shikaku Shomeisyo)
Alien Registration Card
Medical Examination Form
I.D. Card
Explanation of your personal history
Reason for wanting Permanent Residentcy,written in Japanese

For those living in Akita Prefecture,it is necessary to inquire at:
〒010-0976 Akita City yabaseminami 2-10-6 Akitaken JA bldg 7F
Sendai Immigration Bureau - Akita Port Office
TEL 018-895-5221
FAX 018-895-5223


〒010-0976 秋田市八橋南2-10-16 仙台入国管理局秋田出張所
TEL 018-895-5221 FAX 018-895-5223

(4) International Marriage
Marriage procedures vary in each country due to social customs and history.In Japan,married couples are legally required to report their marriage to their local town office to be recorded in the Registry (koseki).
Regardless of whether a foreign man or woman marries a Japanese national,it is necessary to report the marriage.
Documents necessary for registration:
Besides the Marriage Registration Certificate,the Japanese person,in order to prove that they have met all conditions of a legal marriage,must bring a complete certified copy of their Family Registry (Koseki Tohon).
The foreign spouse must bring a form starting that they meet the conditions for a legal marriage in their home country.This is particularly important because the eligible age for marriage varies depending on country.
After marriage,the Japanese spouse remains a legal Japanese,but the nationality of the foreign spouse does not necessarily become Japanese through marriage.In order to obtain Japanese nationality an application procedure must be filed through the Branch of Ministry of Home Affairs.