Anybody who lives in Japan is eligible to open a monetary account,whether it be with a bank,the post office,a labor union bank,or a trust bank.Bank accounts are very useful and almost all bills you receive such as monthly utility bills can be paid automatically through your account as well.

(1) Opening a Bank Account
Go to a financial institution that is close and covenient for you,and fill out an application for a new bank account.Fill out all the necessary sections and hand it back to the teller.You will most likely need to turn over your personal seal and your alien registration card with your application.At a bank it is possible to open an account without depositing any money,but at a post office you will need to deposit some money.It is also possible to open an account without your personal seal by just signing,but for withdrawing and depositing,there are some restrictions on what you can sign for.It is recommended to open your account with your personal seal.When you apply for your account,it is also convenient to have a cash card made.You can withdraw and deposit at many nearby Cash Machines (CD) or Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and,although banks are usually only open from 9am to 3pm,cash machines are open from 8:45am to 7pm.However,after 6pm there is usually a fee for using CDs or ATMs.Business hours vary for financial insitutions,so it is recommended that you ask a clerk at the counter for your institution's hours.

(2) Types of Accounts
Types of accounts include ordinary accounts,term deposits and integrated accounts.
a.Ordinally Accounts (Futsu Koza)
Generally,the interest rate is very low in these accounts,but the transactions are free.Public utility bills may be paid from this account as well.Your bank book and personal seal should be kept in a safe place .If you have a cash card made you can use CDs and ATMs without your bank book or personal seal.When you go to pay a bill at the counter,complete the payment form with your name,seal,amount of money,and bank account number and hand it to the teller.The forms vary according to financial institution,so be sure to ask at the counter if you have any questions.
b.Term Deposits (Teki Yokin)
The interest rate for a term deposit is higher than an ordinary account,but during the fixed countract period you can not withdraw any money.The interest you receive depends on how much money you deposit and how long you agree not to withdraw any money from the account (your contract period).To open this type of account you will need to fill out the application with your name and seal.Whether or not you can deposit money at an ATM with this type of account depends on the financial institution.

(3) Post Office Accounts (Yubinkyoku Koza)
To open a post office account you will need to show your alien registration card at the front counter.The post office has ordinary accounts (tsujo chokin),term deposits (teki chokin),and fixed amount accounts (teigaku chokin).The difference between bank accounts and post office accounts is just in the name.Post office accounts are called chokin while bank accounts are yokin.The interest rate in the post office's ordinary accounts is a little higher than the bank's.Public utility bills can also be paid automatically from a post office account.The mark which represents the post office is 〒.

(4) Foreign Remittance (Gaikoku Sokin)
Money can be sent to foreign countries from banks with foreign currency exchange sections or main post offices.To send money to another country a foreign remittance slip (gaikoku sokin iraishyo) must be filled out and handed in at the counter.Please ask at the bank or post office counter for the slip.

Types of remittance: (1) At a bank
a.Currency Exchange
b.Telegraphic Transfer
c.Ordinary Transfer
(2) at a Post office
a.Telegraphic Transfer
b.Ordinary Transfer

Banks send money from one account to another and charge high service charges,nearly \2,500.
The post office however sends money by money order,to individuals directly,and is much cheaper.


近くの金融機関に出向いて、新規の申し込み書に必要事項を記入してテラーに提出します。このとき幾分かのお金と印鑑・外国人登録証明書を一緒に出してください。銀行ではお金を出さなくても開設可能ですが郵便局は必要です。また外国人はサインでも開設できるが取引上制約があるので印鑑を使用した方が便利です。申し込みをするときにキャッシュカードを作成すると便利です。近くのCD (Cash Despensor)
・ATM (Auto Teller Machine) で預金・引出が可能です。金融機関の営業時間は通常9:00から15:00まで、CD・ATMは8:45から19:00まで。CD・ATMは18:00以降の利用は手数料がかかります。営業時間は金融機関によって異なるので窓口で尋ねてください。



送金の種類 (1)銀行 a 為替 b 電信送金 c 普通送金
(2)郵便局 a 電信送金 b 普通送金